Ecotronics is the equipment technology arm of SynaTek. Ecotronics was originally established to offer customers control panels designed to provide the ability to inject plant nutrients and water quality amendments through irrigation. Over the years the product line has expanded to include mix and transfer systems designed to improve the speed, safety and control of the morning spray routine. Ecotronics technologies have historically only been available to properties located in the Northeast, but in 2017 Ecotronics will begin distributing select products throughout North America.

At Ecotronics we understand the pull between accessing the technologies needed to improve operational efficiency and the restrictions on capital budgets. In an effort to bring balance to this equation Ecotronics in collaboration with SynaTek has designed the Partnership Points Program. In short, the Partnership Points Program allows courses to access the technology they need through the products they are already purchasing.

Ecotronics™ Product Spotlight

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